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Current Lady

David Bayes owner of DeepStrike Sportfishing in Homer, Alaska
David Bayes
Captain David Bayes founded DeepStrike Sportfishing and — at the helm of his former vessel the Grand Aleutian — rapidly rose to the top of the competitive Alaska fishing fleet.

He has guided anglers to 1st place finishes in both the 2013 and 2015 Homer Jackpot Halibut Derbies.

Having sold the Grand Aleutian, Captain David operates the Current Lady during the peak season.
Charter fishing captain Cory Loos holding a nice salmon with DeepStrike Sportfishing in Homer, Alaska
Cory Loos
A lifelong Sportsman, Captain Cory operates the Current Lady during the spring and fall.

Besides being an excellent fisherman, Cory also captains for spring black bear hunts and fall Kodiak deer, bear, and elk hunts.

In the offseason Cory works as a shipwright at Bay Welding, the builders of the Current Lady.

Features all-welded construction, triple outboard engines, Seakeeper gyro stabilization system, and some of the most sophisticated electronics and engine management systems in the fleet.

The Current Lady is a large vessel, yet its passenger numbers on mixed party bookings remain limited to a maximum of 8 on trips targeting salmon, and a maximum of 10 on all other trips.

Nonetheless, the Current Lady can accommodate single-party groups of up to 18 persons by special request.

Much has changed in technology and boat building over the last 30 years. This new vessel brings some major advancements:

Seakeeper Stabilization

The Seakeeper gyro may be the greatest advancement in boating technology since the first internal combustion engine was installed on a boat!

As long as people have navigated water, motion sickness has plagued ocean-goers. The Seakeeper is the first piece of equipment to efficiently minimize side-to-side roll in vessels like ours.

It reduces this roll by as much as 95%. Generally, this rolling is what induces seasickness, and it is certainly the rolling that makes it difficult to stand and move about the vessel on a rough day.

Seakeeper will increase your hours of effective fishing while making a huge reduction in your fatigue by the end of the day, whether from seasickness or rougher waters.

Triple 350HP Engines (1050HP Total)

This power-package pushes the boat 1.5 - 2x faster than most in the local fleet. That speed difference means your run to the fishing grounds, which typically took 3.5 hours, is now just 2 hours!

Our Gulf of Alaska runs now consist of 2 hours out, 7 hours of fishing, and 2 hours back. That NEARLY DOUBLES our time with lines in the water.

SeaStar Optimus GPS

A full system of computer-guided steering, navigation, and “Skyhook” anchoring. The standout here is the Skyhook.

Skyhook uses all three engines in conjunction with GPS satellites to hold the vessel in a constant location and direction without dropping our anchor.

This feature eliminates lost fishing time due to a dragging anchor and creates amazing opportunities for fishing slack tides.

Instead of dropping anchor and waiting for the tide to swing us over “the perfect spot,” we can now stay exactly where we want, indefinitely, regardless of wind, tidal currents, or waves!

360° Walk-Around Deck

Fishermen can use every inch of the boat’s length to spread themselves out evenly.

Our 38' x 14' boat dimensions create 90 feet of fishable rail! This is nearly triple compared to other boats.

In addition to being a vastly improved fishing platform, the vessel is also designed with multi-day hunting and fishing trips in mind.

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Larger Groups

We are licensed to bring additional non-fishing “riders” at a discounted rate. This option allows kids, spouses, or other non-fishing company to come along for the ride!

Though the vessel will only be booked to take 8 max on salmon combos and 10 max on other trips, it’s a US Coast Guard inspected vessel, which allows it to carry up to its full capacity of 18 passengers.

We’ve encountered many customers who have asked to bring additional friends or family along beyond the traditional 6-pack limit. This opens doors for larger groups who prefer to have more people onboard.

If you have a larger group, let us know, and we can put together a custom trip just the way you’d like.

The Irish Mist charter fishing boat from DeepStrike Sportfishing in Homer Alaska

Irish Mist

Charter fishing captain Chelsea Schmitt with DeepStrike Sportfishing in Homer, Alaska holding up a nice halibut.
Chelsea Schmitt
Captain Chelsea is adored by people and feared by fish! Hailing from Oregon, Chelsea has used her West Coast fishing experience to quickly gain the respect and admiration of Homer’s competitive charter fleet — as well as a loyal following by DeepStrike clientele, many of whom insist they fish with Chelsea again next time!

Chelsea’s degree in International Communications feeds her off-season travel bug and has taken her across the USA, as well as to Africa, Korea, and many points in-between. Chelsea is always up for an adventure and always has a good story to tell!  

Chelsea and the Irish Mist specialize in Halibut/Salmon Combo Trips, and regularly bring in some of Homer’s best catches. Even on a “slow day,” Chelsea is at the top of the pack!

Built upon a Uniflite designed hull, the Irish Mist is part of a small handful of boats in the Homer fleet that was crafted from the start as a dedicated “charter boat.”

The Irish Mist is one of Homer’s most successful boats, and has propelled DeepStrike Sportfishing’s reputation as a top producer.

Here’s why we love this boat:

Outdoor Seating for 8

The Irish Mist is the only boat in Homer that has sufficient outdoor space for 8 customers to have a seat on deck while fishing.

Its cabin-forward design creates a back deck fishing area that is double the square footage of our recently retired Grand Aleutian.

This means the whole group can always be present for every exciting moment on deck. Even if you take a short break, you won’t miss any action!

Padded Leg Bumpers

While reeling in your catch you’ll want to lean against the sides of the boat with your legs to better steady yourself. Our railings are fully padded to help you lean into your fish without getting bruised up.

You’ll be much more comfortable and confident reeling in your catch because of this well-intentioned feature.

Value Priced

If you’re new to saltwater fishing and simply want to get out on the water, then this is our most accessible option.

Or, if you’re not interested in going out to sea quite so far, then the closer range of this boat is your best choice.

We believe fishing is a whole family affair, so bring them all and create a great memory together without breaking the bank.