DeepStrike Sportfishing Trip Checklist

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group of fishermen standing next to racked catch of halibut and salmon with deepstrike sportfishing in homer alaska

Rendezvous Location

Check-in by 5:45am at Central Charters & Tours.

After August 15th it’s 6:45am

Google Maps Directions  ➤


Most parking is free, yet it’s fairly limited directly in front of Central Charters & Tours.

Paid day parking at the harbor’s ramp lots is $5.00 (blue boxes).

We suggest parking in the first large unpaved lot (red stripes) or choosing Ramp 3.

homer harbor parking map for deepstrike sportfishing

Harbor Slips

Once you’ve checked in at the rendezvous location (Central Charters), your crew will lead everyone down to the boat together.

***Please don’t arrive at the boat on your own for your trip.

Boarding won’t commence until everyone first gathers at Central Charters.

However, feel free to come see the boats before your trip or have friends and family meet you as you return.

The Current Lady and Irish Mist dock together at the end of Pier H, in Slips 17 & 18. Simply walk down Ramp 3 and turn left, then Pier H is the second right.

Trip Duration

Trips generally last from 8 to 12 hours, depending on that day’s weather and fishing conditions.

Customized trip times may be available upon request for full-boat bookings.

Arrive well-rested because a full day on the seas will wear you out!

Packing List

  • State of Alaska Fishing License — available locally & online at
  • Camera — memory cards, batteries, chargers, protective case
  • Rubber-soled footwear (leather-soled shoes and cowboy boots have terrible traction on a wet deck)
  • Warm, layered clothing
  • Hat and gloves, ball cap, polarized sunglasses, sunscreen
  • Rain gear
  • Lunch, snacks, and all needed drinks for an 8–10 hour trip

What to Wear

It’s very important to dress in layers followed by a waterproof outer layer. A knit hat and gloves that can fit in your pockets are also helpful.

Summer fishing conditions range from highs of sunny and 70 degrees to rain, wind, and a chilly 45 degrees.

Captain David’s daily outfit is a set of medium weight thermal underwear (top & bottom), Carhartt jeans, hooded sweatshirt, Gore-Tex coat, light wool socks, and insulated rubber boots.

All the layers in the world are useless if they get wet, so be sure to bring along waterproof pants and jacket. Even if it’s cheap and disposable, some form of rain gear will still block most wind and rain.

Motion Sickness

If you think you might be prone to motion sickness, or have never fished on the ocean before, be sure to take preventative measures! Motion sickness has ruined the day for many a fishermen.

If you’re at all concerned about motion sickness, then speak with your doctor about a prescription for a scopolamine patch.

Many fishermen have far better results with this patch than with over-the-counter options. For best results, put your patch on the night before the trip.

Over-the-counter options include Dramamine and Bonine, which are each unique drugs. Neither of these medications take effect quickly. They WILL NOT WORK if you take them after you’ve already begun to feel sick.

For best results with over-the-counter meds, take one pill the night before your trip and one in the morning. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking any dose not specified by the manufacturer.

Be aware that ALL of these options have side effects. Most notably, drowsiness. Be sure to avoid alcohol while taking these medications.


Please pack a high calorie lunch and snacks for your day. Include any drinks you expect to need or want, such as water and coffee.

Space for large coolers is limited aboard both vessels.

Fish Processing

Fish filleting is included in your fare and is generally performed on-shore at Central Charters.

Each halibut produces 4 fillets and 2 cheeks. Other species produce 2 fillets each.

If you’d like your fish vacuum packed, frozen, smoked, or cold shipped, then you will arrange to have one of the following companies receive your fish:

Coal Point Seafoods — You’ll carry your freshly bagged fillets to them yourself, which is directly across the street.

Homer Fish Processing — Have us call them and they will meet us at Central Charters to pick up your bagged fish and record your order.

Most customers choose to transport their fish home by taking it on the plane with them as extra baggage, or by shipping it via FedEx directly from the fish processing facility to their front door.