Frequently Asked Questions

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Common Questions

Q: What dates will Captain David be operating the Current Lady?

David will be running the Current Lady from roughly June 13th through August 13th. Cory will be running it all other times.

Q: Will I catch a fish?

Probably! Customers aboard guided halibut trips in Homer, AK have one of the highest fishing success rates in the world! Catching fish is actually the norm — not the exception.

Q: I would like to bring my child along. What is the minimum age you recommend for kids?

We don’t technically have an age limit, yet we haven’t had much luck with kids under 12 unless your group is booking the full boat.

If you have the full boat, then your captain can make decisions based on what’s best for you and your children (i.e. calmer water, shallower water, and more action).

However, if there are multiple groups aboard with different fishing objectives, then the captain will focus on producing fish, which often occurs in varied conditions that are uncomfortable for a younger child.

No license is needed for kids under 16, but we will provide and fill out a harvest tag on the boat if they intend to fish.

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Licenses & Limits

Q: Where can I get my license?

We highly suggest calling or emailing us about your needs. We can help you maximize your license purchases based on your entire Alaska itinerary.

State of Alaska Fishing Licenses are available two ways:

1. By visiting a customer service desk at any outdoor store, Walmart, Fred Meyer’s, Carr’s/Safeway, and some general stores and gas stations.

2. Online at You will receive a PDF license to print and/or download on your smartphone. You can have it mailed to your home if you order a few weeks in advance.

But take note! Poor weather and other cancellations can arise. It’s advisable to wait until the night before your trip to make your license purchase, if at all possible.

License prices posted at

Q: How many fish can I keep?

Halibut*2024 REVISIONS*
Daily limit is 2 fish per angler.
– Closed Wednesdays
‍– No Annual Limit
– 1 Daily Fish Must Be 28" or Less

SalmonDaily king (chinook) limit is 2 fish per angler. Daily silver (coho) limit is 3 fish per angler. Areas nearer salmon spawning grounds allow 1 king per day.

RockfishRockfish limit is 5 fish per angler. Only 1 of the 5 rockfish may be a bottom-dwelling species, aka non-pelagic (yelloweye, copper, quillback, and China rockfish).

Lingcod (packaged with rockfish trips)Lingcod limit is 2 fish per angler. Keepable lingcod must be at least 35 inches long. Lingcod may not be retained before July 1st.

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Q: How much meat is on a 26" halibut?

A halibut which is 26 inches yields roughly 4 pounds of fillets.

Q: Do I have to keep the first halibut I catch, or may I catch and release to try for a larger fish?

It is always up to the customer to decide which halibut they would like to keep. Yet, the captain and crew will make recommendations throughout the day about what they feel a “keeper” should be.

These recommendations are based on factors such as time remaining, tide phase, weather, geographic location, physical ability of other customers onboard, and the availability/location of a second species (if on a combo trip).

Occasionally, the crew will make a split-second judgment about keeping a larger fish before the customer can view and evaluate it. This is only done to prevent a good catch from escaping once it arrives at the surface and is found to be hooked precariously.

Q: Are bigger boats slower?

Not ours! The Current Lady is purpose-built for speed. This boat has LOADS of horsepower — 1,050 to be exact! It has the highest horsepower-to-length ratio of ANY vessel currently in the Homer charter fleet.

Q: Why does the new boat take 8 on straight-salmon or salmon combos, but 10 on all other trips?

The majority of Homer’s saltwater salmon fishing is done using down-riggers.

Aboard our previous vessel, the Grand Aleutian, we could run 3 down-riggers for 6 customers. This allowed 2 customers per rod for salmon fishing and made everyone happiest.

The new vessel allows 4 down-riggers, so we’ve stuck with our standard of 2 customers per rod, which gives us 8 customers total for salmon trips.

Q: Is there a minimum number of customers required for the boat to go out on a given day?

Yes, the minimum number of customers for a trip aboard either of our vessels is 4.

Q: I’ve been told to avoid boats that carry more than 6 people because they’re overcrowded “cattle cars.”

We share your concern about overcrowding. It’s not fun for anyone. This challenge has remained paramount throughout each phase of the design, layout, and implementation of our new vessel.

Though the Current Lady will carry 2 to 4 more fishermen, it’s 360-degree walk-around fishing deck is purposely built to allow fishermen to spread out all around the boat.

Our fishable rail space more than TRIPLES that of the Grand Aleutian, which allowed each of its 6 customers 4.5 feet of rail. The new vessel allows each of its 10 customers 8.6 feet of rail space.

So, though there are more people onboard, each person will have much more fishing room along the rail.

Additionally, we think we’ve found the sweet spot for vessel size in our new boat. The additional income from a few more people onboard allowed us to build a faster boat that can operate at longer ranges with more luxuries such as Seakeeper stabilization.

Q: Since your boats carry more than 6 people, do you only target “chickens” (i.e. small halibut)?

We don’t find chickens all that fun either. Rest assured that your captain’s mission when leaving the dock is to spend as much time as possible “hunting” for large halibut.

That said, if you book a combo trip, there’s simply not as much time to hunt for bigger halibut because you’ll be spending a portion of the day targeting a second species.

Additionally, weather doesn’t always allow the vessel to spend the time needed waiting on larger fish to bite.

Q: What happens if the captain spends all day “hunting” for larger halibut, but they’re not biting? Do customers go home empty-handed?

DeepStrike’s captains structure their day around maximizing all anglers’ opportunity to catch larger halibut. Yet, we realize that whether a particular fishing day is good, great, or average, customers still want to step off the boat with fish in hand.

If fish are needed towards the end of the day, your captain will find a “chicken hole” to try to get the boat limited out before heading home (weather permitting).

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Policies & Refunds

Q: How much will I have to pay upfront?

A $200 per person per day deposit is required on all bookings.

Q: Are there any miscellaneous charges I should be aware of?

A $25 per person fuel surcharge will be added to all trips at time of booking. This will be refunded if the market price of boat fuel drops below $4.00 per gallon.

Q: Can I cancel my trip and get my money back?

A full refund will be given if your trip is cancelled with a minimum of two weeks notice.

Q: What if the charter decides to cancel my trip?

A full refund will be given if you’re unable to fish due to poor weather or mechanical issues.

Q: What if I don’t show up or don’t cancel my trip ahead of time?

No shows and last minute cancellations (less than two weeks notice) will result in a full fare charge.

Q: What if there is a mechanical issue that prevents the vessel from leaving port, or the captain cancels due to poor weather on the morning of the trip?

DeepStrike gives a 100% refund if a mechanical issue or bad weather prevents the vessel from leaving port on the morning of your trip.

If a customer is booked on a combo trip and bad weather prevents the vessel from fishing for a second species, the customer will only be charged the single species rate.

If bad weather makes it unsafe or impractical to fish a full day (8–10 hours), then customers will be charged a half day rate.

Q: Do the listed prices include sales tax?

The rates posted do not include Homer’s sales tax, which is 7.85%.

Q: What if the minimum number of customers is not reached on the day of my trip? Will I be left on the dock if the trip minimum is unmet?

DeepStrike continues to take bookings until about 8PM the night before the trip.

If the minimum client number has not been reached by that time, then DeepStrike will network with other Homer area charter companies to find you space aboard another vessel for the same day.

If space aboard another vessel cannot be found, DeepStrike will run you aboard one of ours as planned, even though the published minimum number of clients has not been reached.

We strive to make our customers happy and will do whatever it takes to put you on the fish!

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Q: Is there room for everyone to sit down inside the new boat?

The vessel’s interior is designed to seat 11 customers, plus 2 crew, and 4 bunks. If customers prefer to sit outside, there is seating for 6 on the back deck.

Q: Is there a restroom onboard?

Yes. The restroom is full-size (for a boat) with conventional flushing and plumbing.

Q: Do the halibut reels have a low gear?

Yes, the reels have a low gear (easy button).

Q: I recently had joint replacement surgery. Will I be able to handle a day of fishing?

Maybe. Though many who have recently had major medical work do come fishing with us, some regret it. As a rule, if an individual has difficulty with mobility on dry land, they will definitely be uncomfortable when attempting to move around the vessel.

While individuals with impaired mobility are welcome to join us, they must understand that there may be a point in the day where it is in their best interest to cease fishing and retire to the cabin.

Refunds will not be given for those who choose to come along, but then decide that fishing and moving around the vessel is too physically taxing for them.

Nonetheless, our new Current Lady with SeaKeeper stabilization may be the solution you seek. It mitigates boat roll substantially, which could provide you with the “sea legs” you’d need.

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