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Fellow Charter Captains,

What if our customers could chip in to help put fresh fish on the tables of low-income Alaskans?

And what if we chartered deserving school kids to come catch them with us?

Sound like something you could get behind?

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Deepstrike F3’s Mission

Working to improve access to outdoor recreational activities for Alaskan K-12 school children — especially those whose families lack the means to provide these unique outdoor opportunities.

We’ll create a network of safe, efficient, and legal avenues that allow for the transfer of recreationally harvested fish and game — from sportsman, to processing facility, to charitable distribution.

Program Overview

The Deepstrike F3 Program was created by Captains Chelsea Schmitt and David Bayes of Deepstrike Sportfishing in Homer, Alaska.

The primary mechanism of program funding is the voluntary pledge of an additional 5% to the customers’ bill of the guided recreational sector.

Money raised will be pooled and redistributed to cover operating expenses of outdoor guides who volunteer their equipment and expertise to take school children on these adventures.

Secondary funding shall also be explored, such as state, federal, and private grants, as well as donations by individuals and corporations, especially those who profit from the sales of outdoor recreational equipment.

Deserving candidates shall be nominated by teachers and school officials. Participants will be encouraged to record a summary of their experience.


In order to ensure that children are not exposed to potentially dangerous or compromising conditions during their outdoor activity, it shall be a program requirement that at least one school employee accompany the children during their outdoor activity.

It shall also be a program requirement that a second adult accompany the children during their activity. The second adult may be either a school employee or a parent/guardian of one of the children participating in the activity.

Guides and guide staff convicted of any felony, assault, or sex crime shall not be allowed to interact in-person with child participants of the Deepstrike F3 program. Also, parents convicted of sex crimes shall not be allowed to chaperone children.

Trip Expenses

An example of acceptable reimbursable consumables would be the fuel and bait which were used during a day-long guided fishing trip.

The Deepstrike F3 program is a volunteer operation. As such, it does not have the managerial capacity to track and reimburse every possible resource which might be consumed throughout the course of a trip.

The program will consult with industry representatives in the various guided sectors to compile an accurate and concise list of consumables worthy of reimbursement.Guides volunteering their services and equipment shall be reimbursed the actual cost of consumables used during the course of the volunteer guided experience.


Guide companies wishing to participate in the Deepstrike F3 program will be subject to Deepstrike F3 training requirements, as well as an inspection of the facilities and equipment which children shall be using.

Photo and video documentation of the guided trip will be required before the Deepstrike F3 program will issue any reimbursements to a guide.

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